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Microlight Video Clips

We've gathered some fantastic Microlight videos from around the world. All the videos should show you exactly what flying Microlights is all about and hopefully inspire you to come for a lesson!

Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth have been on lots of trike expeditions throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas. South to South is the story of their trip from Chile to Cape Town(via Greenland!).

On route they crossed the Andes, travelled through South and Central America, crossed the North Atlantic, went to Timbuktu and eventually arrived in Cape Town! An epic journey which at the time was the longest Microlight trip undertaken.

Olivier and Mike's Website has lots of details on what they get up to. The video is a brief trailer of the excellent DVD, which is available to buy from our website of course!

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All the videos make fantastic viewing, but can never do flying these machines justice! You have to get in them and go flying to appreciate what its like to fly with the wind in your face..........

To introduce new pilots to our sport, we provide 30 minute and 60 minute trial flights. They come in the form of a gift voucher enclosed in a full-colour gift card, excellent for a Christmas or Birthday present. To enter our flying lessons page, click on the icon to the right. Our online shop has lots of other presents, ideal for the student and qualified pilot alike. For the main shopping page, click on this link

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