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Photo Gallery

We've set this page on the site aside for some aviation related photos. We host some of our photos on our own site, and some others on Picasa. Thanks to everyone for the pictures so far. Click on the thumbnails below to view the pictures.

Airborne XT912

We made the best of some fantastic November weather and got some great shots. There's a mix of photographs, mostly of our Airborne XT 912. Thanks to Dave Dunbar for the use of the pictures. We'd been trying to get these pictures for a while, they were worth the wait!

Sunday Life

November 2004 started off with the Sunday Life newspaper visiting the Flying Club. Joanne Crockard came for a flying lesson, with picture editor Darren Kidd picking great day to take some photos for the More2Life magazine. And don't worry...we got Joanne back in one piece!

Microlight Pictures

Here's a mix of pictures, some taken recently and some older. Mostly weightshift pictures with Raphael's thruster squeezing itself in. Sadly, some of these weightshift pilots have gone fixed wing... We've included them to remind them what they're missing.

Olivier and Mike

Here's some of Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert's best photos from their South-to-South trip, up to them arriving in Scotland. We'll drop more of their pictures up when we get a chance.

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