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Flying Training

Training follows the British Microlight Aircraft Association syllabus as approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. The bare minimum required before issue of a license is twenty-five flying lessons.
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The average for students however, is around thirty-six hours and depends on student ability, frequency of lessons and the Weather.

A normal flying lesson will consist of a fifteen-minute pre-flight briefing, an hour-long flight lesson and a short de-briefing where good points and bad will be brought out.

Training starts off with basic handling exercises, as you progress more advanced lessons are covered. An example would be a cross-country flight where you will fly to another airfield using navigation techniques.

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Ground Exams

Ground subjects have to be covered as part of your training with a total of five subjects, these are:

  • Air Law
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Aircraft Technical
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation

Some of the subject matter for the multiple-choice exams is covered informally, with the remainder being filled in by some self-study from the student. If required, ground school can be arranged for students who are having difficulty in passing subjects.

First Solo and Flight Test

The first big hurdle in your training will be your first solo flight. When your instructor feels you are ready you will be briefed and sent off on your first solo flight. This will normally be a few circuits of the airfield on a calm day, as you progress you will be flying on solo cross-country flights. A minimum of ten solo hours need to be flown to qualify for an unrestricted NPPL license.

When your aircraft handling and knowledge are up to scratch you will be ready for your flying test. This consists of an hour-long practical test with our CAA approved examiner which covers the whole practical syllabus, carried out at Tarsan Lane.


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There will be no surprises; your instructor before the test will have covered everything in a 'mock' flying test. Once complete, you will sit with your examiner and have a ground oral exam, which will cover your flying knowledge. This is basically to confirm that you haven't just guessed the answers in your ground subject exams!

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Differences training from Weightshift to 3-Axis and vice-versa is available. Conversion times vary and depends on pilot experience.

Converting a pilot from 3-Axis to Weightshift will usually take longer than from a pilot converting from Weightshift to 3-Axis. A good rule of thumb would be 5-10 hours for a conversion.

If you are currently flying light aircraft and would like to convert to a Microlight (Weightshift or 3-Axis) then we can arrange that also. Conversion requirements are detailed on the NPPL web site and cover most eventualities, if there is any confusion then please contact us.

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