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There's quite a few Microlight web sites, some of our current favourites are listed below. There's a mix of adventure-related sites and some that are just useful for pilots in general. We'll be adding links to this page constantly so keep checking back. Meanwhile, if you come across any interesting aviation sites then please let us know.

Adventure Sites

Mike Blyth and olivier aubert Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert's site has details of all their expeditions. They've produced a DVD of their South-to-South trip as well. Thanks to Mike and Olivier for the use of their material on the site.
richard meredith-hardy Richard Meredith-Hardy's flymicro site has lots of interesting stuff on it. He hosts the British Microlight records and has lots of great photography that he's taken over the years. Check out the recent aerotow over Mount Everest and Mount Aconcagua.

Local Tourism Sites

Northern Ireland Tourist Board discover lough neagh
caan outdoor ni
discover ireland craigavon borough council

Weather Sites

bbc weather BBC Weather site. The link goes to a 5-day forecast for Craigavon (a few miles from the airstrip)
european charts European Medium-Range Weather Site. Excellent for predicting the weather 5-6 days ahead.
met office Met Office aviation site. You'll have to register to use their free services, once you do you'll have access to pre-flight briefing material.


airborne trikes bolly propellors



Air Hog
Fantastic flying gear for Microlight Flying. Aircraft covers made for the fabulous Airborne series of trikes, with other accessories suited to all makes and models of Microlights.
Well established Microlight organisation that looks after pilot's interests in the United Kingdom. Membership is recommended with the best perk being a monthly magazine dropping through your letterbox.
Aircraft For Sale UK based site that has aircraft for sale....surprisingly! Weightshift, 3-Axis and other aircraft types catered for. Listing is free, with this the first place to look for a second-hand aircraft.

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