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Airborne Microlights

Established in 1983 and operating out of Redhead near Newcastle Australia, Airborne is a company born from, and still operated by Hang Glider and Microlight pilots. Through their dealer network Airborne export their Microlights to more than 30 countries.

Airborne is a world leader in Microlight aircraft design and currently certifies these Microlight designs to Australian Civil Aviation and UK Civil Aviation standards, currently the highest level of certification in the industry. This has allowed Airborne to sell its aircraft into strictly regulated markets such as the UK, Germany, and Israel. Other markets the company sells to include China and the USA.

The company also manufacture a complete range of hang gliders for the World market to suit novice, intermediate and advanced pilots. Fly NI Airsports are proud to be the All-Ireland dealers for the full range of Airborne products.

We currently operate two fabulous Airborne XT912s and regard them as the best all-round weightshift Microlight on the market today. With superb build quality, predictable handling and great short field performance, they are well suited for the student and qualified pilot alike.

Airborne XT 912
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Airborne XT price A range of options exist for the XT series trikes, a choice of Cruze or Streak wings, carbon-fibre propeller with Duratuff leading edges, hydraulic disc brakes, Rotax 912 (4-stroke) or 582 (2-Stroke), engine cover, tall winter windscreen, and also the option of a podless trike with Tundra tyres. Airborne aircraft are certified to the highest standards, if you have a particular question regarding specific country regulations, then give us a call or email anytime.

We get asked for prices all the time, so we have added a link above to the retail price list in Euros. The price list also gives details about the order process and slot allocation in the factory. Airborne have also produced an excellent wing guide and the full range of trikes with bullet-point type details. For more detailed information on each Airborne model download the detailed brochures.

Whatever your choice, we can walk you through your aircraft purchase from start to finish, providing training, finance and insurance services where necessary, with the after sales service you’d expect from a world leading manufacturer.

The Airborne section on our site has lots of details on the Airborne the company, and their excellent aircraft. Please feel free to browse through the pages, and contact us with any queries.

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